Dodge Grain

Dodge Grain Co. Inc. has been a family run feed and grain supplier in Salem, New Hampshire since 1926.

"At Dodge Grain, you will find Equine, lawn & garden, tropical bird, wild bird, poultry, cat, dog, and small animal supplies as well as wood pellets, coal and fuel logs.

In addition, we are proud to provide traditional equine feed services and have had long standing partnerships with local race tracks, show barns, and small equine enterprises through out New England who can attest to our fantastic execution of deliveries and customer service. We are known for our friendly, knowledgeable staff who attends to every customer individually and gives them the helpful service that is deserved.

Come by and experience Dodge Grain service first hand. You won't go anywhere else once you have been to Dodge Grain Co. in Salem, NH!! "

Emerald Green Landscaping is proud to use products from Dodge Grain Co. Inc..

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** Note:The images above are from the Dodge Grain website.

For more information you can visit the Dodge Grain website here.

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